Welcome to Unsilenced Voices

Unsilenced Voices purpose is to help men and women involved in domestic violence by telling our stories, relaying our experiences, and encouraging victims to get out.

Unsilenced Voices

Unsilenced Voices was specifically formed to open up the conversation about Domestic Violence.  Through our work in the US, Ghana and Sierra Leone, we hope to inspire survivors to speak up about the abuse they have endured and to encourage victims to escape.  Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault are worldwide epidemics that people blindly turn their backs to.  We believe that one reason is the victims themselves do not admit something is wrong until it is too late.  Unsilenced Voices is working with The Domestic Violence & Victims Support Unit, The Kayeyei Youth Association and The Ark Foundation in Ghana.  We are working with the Family Support Unit, Commit and Act Foundation, and the Bo Women’s Skills Training Centre in Sierra Leone to eliminate this epidemic. To feel is how we learn.  To learn is how things change.  Through change, we can accomplish something of brilliance, majesty, and nobility.

Oswald Chambers, an early twentieth century Scottish Baptist and Holiness Movement evangelist, once said,

“God brings you to places, among people, and into certain conditions to accomplish a definite purpose.”

Our Vision

To inspire change in communities around the world by encouraging victims to break free and survivors to speak up about domestic violence.

Our Mission

Our goal is to rehabilitate Victims of domestic violence and spread awareness to create sustainable change surrounding this epidemic in communities around the globe

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